Anniversary Trip to Sonoma {7 years}

Ahhh relaxation at it’s finest is what I’d like to call this trip with my hubby. This year has been crazy busy and I really can’t remember the last trip Greg and I took as a couple… I think maybe it was Vegas and let me tell you it wasn’t relaxing! Fun? YES! Relaxing? NO!

So 3 days before taking our trip {yep hubby is a real planner 😉 } Greg told me where do you want to go lets pick a place! I like being spontaneous but it’s hard to do with a kid no matter the age and luckily Greg’s mom was available. So Greg was naming places off and we landed on Sonoma, CA. It was the only place that sounded relaxing but close to home where we weren’t spending 4 to 5 hours in the car.

Everywhere I wanted to stay in Sonoma/Napa area was either booked or we’d be sitting in the hotel room cause it was way out of the budget to enjoy our trip. Finally Greg stumbled upon 

 The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa the reviews were mixed but then I remembered a blogger lady I know and her husband stayed there and loved it so we booked the Mission Suite and that was that! Greg decided that a nice relaxing spa day was in order so when he called for an early check-in he also called and booked us a 60 minute couples massage. 

That Saturday morning we packed up the car dropped Kayden off at his Nana’s house and drove over to Sonoma. 

We got there early so we walked around Sonoma Square and enjoyed the morning and looked for a place to grab some lunch. 

Most of the restaurant were closed so we went over to the busiest place in town The Sunflower Cafe. 

The line was out the door so we knew the food would be amazing! It was and so were the drinks, we both grabbed a chicken salad sandwich and I drank a white peach Bellini and Greg got a Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Beer {he loved it!}. 

We ate our food outside in the backyard eating area and it was so relaxing, could have been cause we didn’t have a little one to make sure he ate too or the sun shining but it was nice to take our time eating and talk about Kayden. lol 

After lunch we hopped back into the car and drove over to the hotel. I have to say the reviews on The Fairmont Hotel don’t do it justice! I have nothing but amazing things to say about our trip so I just decided some of them were having bad days. 

Instantly when we got there the valet greeted us and were very friendly, we left our car with them while we checked in and got our spa itinerary then we headed back out for them to put the luggage in our suite. The valet that helped me to our room was very nice he told me where everything was, how to get around the hotel and what places were around there to eat at. 

I was blown away by our suite, I mean I knew we got a suite but couldn’t really tell by the photos online how nice it was and it was gorgeous. 

We unpacked and tried to unwind before our massages and of course I realized I forgot my flip flops and a brush… I always forget one thing, normally it’s my shampoo and conditioner but this time it was my brush and flip flops. So we did a Starbucks run and went to the local rid aid by the way Sonoma doesn’t have a Target! Got back to our suite and headed over to the spa. 

Sadly I didn’t get ANY photos of our spa experience, I wanted one but also wanted to be completely free of all texts, calls, emails, and any other things that usually stress us. 

I can tell you though our experience at the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn was AMAZING! If you ever visit Sonoma you must get a spa treatment from them. We got to enjoy their pre massage bathhouse, it had the sun and moon painted on the ceiling which instantly made me think of Kayden and how much he’d love to see it. In the bathhouse they first had a scrub down with this grape seed scrub to exfoliate your skin, then two mineral water soaking pools, herbal steam, dry sauna, and then a cool down shower. I enjoyed all of it except for the herbal steam room {I can never breath in those things} After the bath house we relaxed in the waiting room for a little bit till our masseuses came down to get us. Helen and Bryan were amazing, Greg kind of got a full body athletes massage and I got a full body massage but Helen focused on certain areas I always have problems with. When they were done I was sad cause Helen was so sweet, but she did an amazing job I seriously felt like I was floating after. 

After our massages we sat out by the spas pool and enjoyed a glass of champagne. We also got a free bottle and a rose from the hotel concierge since we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary.

Got back to the room and started getting ready for our dinner reservations at The Girl and The Fig. 

Greg and I were ready super early like hour and half early before our reservations so we went back over to the Sonoma Square and wondered around some more. Everything was closed so we waited outside and people watched. Another moment when I felt really relaxed  doing absolutely nothing. lol

We went in and sat at this little spot lounge bar after waiting for a spot to open up and then our reservations were ready. They took us out to the back and it was gorgeous, I didn’t think the back seating area would look so magical but it did. The hostess sat us at her favorite spot int he whole place, next to their little fig tree and a secluded table. I loved all of the atmosphere but some of the food was a hit or miss. I think since everyone talked the place us so much I was a little disappointed. Greg and I both for this drink called Summer Love, I really didn’t like it and it had the weirdest taste. Luckily our waitress understood and took mine back and got me a bellini instead. We then got the fried green tomatoes, it was the best thing I ate all night and even Greg loved it! He is normally not a tomato eater but after we ate it we wish we could of had more. For entrees Greg got the Steak and Fries and I got the sweet pasta it was good, I loved the flavor but it was very rich and I couldn’t eat all of it. We decided to get dessert we tried the chocolate and salted Carmel fig trifle & the Profiteroles. The profiteroles was delicious and exactly what I wanted but we weren’t impressed with the trifle dessert, it had way too much Carmel in it and wasn’t good at all. 

After dinner we went back to the hotel and passed out! Seriously after the long day and massages we were exhausted and I slept like a baby. The next morning we grabbed Starbucks and headed back home. Because we did so much in one day it felt like we were there for two days. It was such an amazing trip and so relaxing I can’t say that enough. 

Thank you hubby for giving me such an amazing trip with you I love you and can’t wait to go back again someday.