Top 9 Best Pets for Families

Pets not only bring a special atmosphere to the family but also help the children who care for them learn responsibility on this site>>>. If you do not want to have a cat or a dog, and if you do not have much space in the apartment, then you should think about smaller pets.

Many cute little animals can become your pets. What are the alternative low maintenance pets that like to cuddle? And what is the best pet for specifically your family? We will try to answer this.

Why Is There a Desire to Have Pets in Families?

Pet owners are less likely to see doctors or suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Pets also reduce our stress levels and help us not feel lonely. The deep affection that we feel for them enhances our self-esteem and prevents depression. Animals also teach us to empathize with others and can make us more popular. A 2010 study found that dog owners talk more often with others.

A pet is a key to a friendly family. And family is very important for our mental well-being. Joint games and walks with animals contribute much to family cohesion than passive pastimes like watching TV. That is why good pets to have are the ones you have to walk outside.

How to Choose a Pet?

Does the kid ask for a dog, a kitten or a hamster? Do not rush to say no, because the pet can become a real friend for the whole family. Of course, some single men having small kids would rather tell, “Find me a wife” than wonder what are the best small pets that are easy to take care of. But getting a living creature is always a good idea. Before you get a pet for your child, think about this step well. What should be taken into account when planning to get a pet for a daughter or son?

Financial expenses. Estimate how much money you have to spend on food, care, and possible treatment of the selected pet. It will immediately become clear to you whether you can afford it, or it is better to choose a cheaper option.

Care. Of course, you are aware that you cannot shift responsibility to a child. Walking, hygiene, training are things that you will do yourself at least at the very beginning. 

Lifestyle. Think about your habits and family life. For example, if even a tiny candy wrapper on the floor annoys you, then any living creature sowing wool or feathers everywhere will very soon become the reason for your constant bad mood.

The character of the child. Choose a pet, taking into account the temperament of the child. For example, a dog or a cat will become the best friend and partner for a moving baby. Whereas a slow animal like a turtle will make such a child bored. But the calm and quiet baby will enthusiastically care for a hamster or guinea pig.

The prospective. Who will take care of the pet when you go on holiday? And what will you do when the kids grow up and move to study? Think about it in advance. 

What to Do If the Family Has Decided on the Pet?

Having decided on a pet, immediately distribute the responsibilities. Try rehearsing regular dog walks, cleaning a pot or cage. You should not completely entrust the child with raising a cat or dog – only an adult can do it. It will be easier to take a kitten or puppy a little older but with initial behavior skills.

Do not deny the child and yourself the pleasure – absolutely any pet will bring joy and warmth to your family. After all, taking care of who needs it is one of the most enjoyable activities.

Best Pets for Your Family

Now we present you the list of cool pets that are easy to take care of which you can take into account if you are hesitating on whom to adopt or buy.


Rabbits, which are very cute, affectionate and intelligent creatures, are very playful too. However, it is difficult to recommend these animals to small children since rabbits do not like to be grabbed roughly: the sudden movements of the kids can scare them.

Rabbits are great as a gift to older children who understand how to handle them. These animals consume special food as well as a certain amount of vegetables and fruits.


Hamsters are extremely popular as pets because of their cute appearance, fluffy fur, and relatively low maintenance costs. These are good house pets. They usually easily allow you to stroke them, although some of their small sizes can be quite hectic, especially females.


The rat is a highly sociable and intelligent animal that needs minimal care. Also, they are very playful and like to mess around with all sorts of toys and can even have fun with a roll of toilet paper. They are the best low maintenance pets for kids of any age. 

Rats have a wonderful memory for such small creatures. However, like hamsters, rats have a very short life cycle – from two to three years.


They are not the best pets for small or irresponsible kids. It is necessary to keep snakes in a specially equipped terrarium, where the specific temperature and humidity should be adjusted. Reptiles do not easily part with natural eating habits too. The diet of most snakes includes grasshoppers, frogs, fish, rats, mice, birds.

Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys, on the contrary, are one of the best pets to have. If the children forget to take care of them and the water in the aquarium has evaporated completely, it is enough to fill it with water again, as these creatures, which are a kind of shrimp, will come back to life. Biologists say that sea monkeys owe this ability to a protective bubble that helps them survive if coastal waters suddenly become shallow.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs can be called unusual creatures. These small pets for kids are friendly and sociable. They live an average of five to ten years. These are the best animals from which you can begin to accustom children of any age to care and responsibility.

Guinea pigs are much less temperamental than, for example, hamsters, and much less likely to bite you. However, they need constant care. The diet of pigs should consist of special granular food, hay, as well as vegetables and fruits.


A small graceful animal can make the house truly cozy and improve the psychological climate in the family. Such a company is especially useful for capricious, touchy kids, prone to ostentatious tantrums. Stroking a furry animal, the baby calms down. Besides, the cat is a very neat creature and one of the best pets for kids.


Undoubtedly, one of the best family pets is a dog. This is a great companion for timid shy kids because in communication with the “little brother” self-esteem and self-confidence grow.

A pleasant company for a child can be made by a dog of almost any breed, provided that it is mentally healthy and properly raised. 

Sugar Gliders

These small easy-care pets are very cute, they do not take up much space and are inexpensive. They can be left for several days without the care of the owners, unless, of course, they have enough food and water.

The child can easily cope with the care of such a pet. Thanks to fluffy fur, they are very pleasant to the touch.

Don’t Buy a Pet, Adopt

If you have decided to adopt an animal, remember that almost all institutions have sites and pages on social networks where employees regularly talk about guests, you can choose based on photos and descriptions. But it will be better if you come to the shelter and personally get acquainted with its inhabitants.

Shelters have strict requirements for future owners. Employees and volunteers interview people who want to take a stray animal, request documents, can check your apartment and even look at your neighbors. Some institutions do not give animals to young couples, single elderly people and families with babies. The shelter will reject you if you want to use the dog as a guard as well as if you want to pick up the animal, and then give it as a gift. If you want to raise your baby as a responsible and kind-hearted person, ready to take on sometimes difficult duties, then be sure to get them a pet. This living creature will help your kids grow into sympathetic, kind and intelligent people. What is more, you will get another member of a family that will bring you joy and memories to recall later every day.